"Virginia's Newsletter" has a direct simplicity that I like.

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Keep the name. I like posts on culture with facts plus your commentary. I might start paying, but that would be independent of whethe there are special features.

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1. Current name lets me know the newsletter is from you! As a marketer, I believe a more creative name would give you stronger branding; however, make sure it isn't too cutesy clever or too limiting.

2. You are always exploring and thinking about mind-stretching, unique topics. I am simply interested in what ever topics/issues you are wrapping you brain around. Of course, I'm a big fan of your Fabric of Civilization, what cultural symbols/customs communicate or tell us, etc.

3. Not sure I would pay for the newsletter unless the ongoing focus was very specific and of deep interest to me. Sorry, I'm retired, living on a fixed income and investing all my spare funds in farmland conservation, farm building improvements, and repurposing my farm toward regenerative ag practices to make it resilient in the face of climate challenges.

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Name of your newsletter doesn’t matter. I like the current name. Direct and on point. I very much enjoyed the video about the Scandinavian fabric archeological discoveries.

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I'm going to follow no matter what the name is; I realize that's maybe not helpful. I'd like to think you have plenty of name recognition by this point. I'd pay $5/month for whatever you are interested in writing about. Thank you!

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I know that was the OLD you, but "Dynamistress" really amused me.

You mostly write these days about things that don't especially interest me (style, textiles are things I generally skip in life) but you still write about them in such an interesting way that I keep reading. My favorite actual SUBJECT was covered in The Future and Its Enemies.

If you write more new stuff, at the general market price (around $100/year), I would probably subscribe

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Why not a simple statement of what you do: Virginia Plain.

As in the song by Roxy Music:

”Make me a deal and make it straight

All signed and sealed, I'll take it

To Robert E. Lee, I'll show it

I hope and pray he don't blow it, 'cause

We've been around a long time

Just tryin' to, tryin' to, tryin' to

Make the big time”

2. I like to read what you think about and how you came to the idea.

3. I would pay, something like 5$/month.

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